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Nevotek NevoTV  IPTV Solution Overview

Solution Description

Enabled by Internet technology, much of the telecommunications industryis headed towards the total integration of data, voice and video on asingle packet-based infrastructure. This integrated architecture makesthe most efficient use of communication lines and premises-basedequipment.

Based on the Internet Protocol (IP), the NevoTV System is a state-of-theart,IP TV / Video on Demand Guest and User Services System for theHospitality and Real-estate Market.

NevoTV designed to deliver full-cover interactive services to your guests differentiates itself in the

interactive IP Services market as a new, easily upgradeable and customizable solution.

  • Integrate a wide range of guest services such as TV, video and music, full function web browsing, integrated messaging (email, voice mail ), environment controls, billing, wake-up, room service and many other guest services from the guest’s location.
  • Reduce capital investment and operational expenses through integration while increasing hotel revenue by providing value-added guest services
  • Seamlessly integrate with the MICROS Fidelio PMS and any other Socket Communications-compliant PMS applications
  • Provide a customizable and expandable platform for future.

Using NevoTV, it is possible to reverse the recent trend of decreasing hotel IT revenues. NevoTV enables hotel operators to supplement the traditional IT revenue stream majorly based on telephony revenues with new and supplementary ones that capitalize on the versatility and flexibility of an IP-based converged voice, video and data services environment.

NevoTV not only generates revenues via traditional on demand services but also helps the hotels to capitalize on their in house facilities like restaurants, bars, spa etc. via easy and efficient advertisement and reservations.

About Nevotek

Nevotek's mission is to create IP based convergence applications for Businesses. Nevotek, a young, new world company focusing on IP based multimedia applications. IP PBX systems are the foundation for the Nevotek Application Suites where several vertical business applications form the Nevotek product lines.

As the world of telecommunications advances, TDM based technologies are being replaced with IP Packet based systems and Nevotek is a leader in developing IP applications for the communications sector.

NevoTV Features and Benefits

NevoTV Architecture

Inherent in the design of NevoTV is the ability to easily customize the various standardized application modules which comprise the architecture. In short, NevoTV can provide customized service profiles for individual customers. As an example, Nevotek can make the following events happen automatically at guest check-in.

  • Associate the room number, guest name and service class (for example; VIP, tourist, corporate    event, etc.) for the purposes of billing and service provisioning
  • Enable the TV in the room and initialize the accounting and billing
  • Compose and initiate a services menu on TV based on the guest’s profile information
  • Upon check-in, display a personalized welcome message for the guest on TV screen

After check-in, the guest can then use the TV to access hotel services and facilities. Where appropriate, NevoTV will initiate billing for the agreed–upon guest services as they are invoked.


Increasing competition in the hospitality business requires increased investment in guest services to satisfy the growing demands of sophisticated travelers.

The communication starts at check–in. You welcome your guests in your own house style. By the use of NevoTV hotel management can meet guest’s desires easily and carry its services to a level of full customization. NevoTV can set the TV channel list based on the guest’s profile or TV can mute upon receipt of a call or the guests can access environmental controls via the TV remote control.

All these interactive services are offered over a single platform. There is no doubt that “On Demand” services are major values add. Your guests can watch a movie or listen to music of their choice whenever they wish.

Entertainment, Communications & Info

Until recently, business travelers and vacation guests alike have been served with traditional and limited hotel services. However, the guests today are demanding more sophisticated information and entertainment services.

TV: Your guests are no more limited to the technical capabilities of coax. Guests can access hundreds of TV channels what’s more you can offer your guest a selection of TV channels at their preferred language based on guest profile.

After selecting menu items on the TV screen, the following screen appears in general:

Video / Music on Demand:

Guests in their rooms can access to latest movie archives whenever they like as if they have their own DVD player in the room. Each movie can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously at any time. “Play”, “Pause”, “Fast-Forward” and “Rewind” functions are all available in the system and these functions are the means of freedom of choice.

Information Services:

Guests can easily view available information on-screen about hotel facilities and internal activities. Based on the content provided by hotel management, hotel info, hotel videos, images, maps can be offered.

Latest news, events, announcements, online weather and news are now closer and reachable for the guests.

Latest messages and announcement paged through PMS shall be read on TV now and mailbox for voice messages:

Online weather and news (RSS feeds) shall be viewed like below in general:


High Level Features and Components

  • IPTV Server Integration
  • Wake-Up System
  • Tenant Services
  • Music & Video on Demand Server Integration
  • Set-Top-Box/Embedded SmartTV support (LG LT760H, LP860H, Samsung HB690/890)
  • Docking Elements, HTML5 enabled
  • Web Based Management
  • Password protected System Management
  • Video on Demand Content Management
  • IPTV Channel List in Categories
  • Multi-language Support
  • User / Guest Recognition and Personalized Services
  • Staff services
  • Mobile tablet native integration (no 3rd party vendors)
  • Information and Facility Services
  • Do Not Disturb


  • Web Browsing
  • Favorites
  • High Speed Internet Access

Online Services

  • Weather
  • Airline Info
  • News
  • RSS feed Support
  • Loyalty Service

Information Services

  • City Guide (optional withMap)
  • Facility Guide (DailyEvents, Dinning, Shopping,Casino etc.)
  • Room Service Menus &Ordering, directly integrated to PMS
  • Help Services

NeoTV Implemented features

The system shall be able to provide services to multiple subscribers and shall comprise the components such as

  • PMS Integration
  • Wake-Up System
  • Guest Services
  • TV & Radio Channels
  • Hotel and general Information boradcast

All these components shall be integrated and utilise a central database making the system easy to install, use and maintain.


  1. PMS Integration
    • System shall have a two way communication with PMS.
    • System shall include multi-thread structure of the interface to ensure that no message is lost under heavy load.
    • System shall obtain indefinite buffering of data in case of PMS failure.
    • System shall include a Communication Failure Alert.
    • System shall include transaction and information logging such as:
      • Check-in
      • Check-out
      • Room folio display 
      • Express checkout 
    • Upon check-in and check-out of guest, guest name and greeting shall be displayed on the TV screen.
    • System shall include the following features:
      • Room Move
      • Parental Control
      • Guest Information Change
      • Do Not Disturb
      • Text Message
      • Wake-Up (Single or Group)
      • Guest Bill Items, Balance
      • Voice Mail Status (Requires Nevotek V/IP Connect)
      • Room Status& Maid module
      • Postings
      • Phone
      • Minibar & Room Service ordering
      • Video On Demand Charging
      • HSIA Billing Pass through (with optional HSIA billing system)
      • HSIA Reservation codes (with optional HSIA billing system)
      • HSIA Wireless Access Codes (with optional HSIA billing system)
      • PayTV Charging
      • Group Welcome Video 
      • Group Directory 
      • Group URL’s
    • Multiple TVs in a single suite shall be considered.
  2. Wake-Up System
    • System shall have single or group Wake-Up Calls.
    • System shall obtain an attendant programmed wake-up calls (From PMS).
    • System shall understand guest programmed wake-up calls (via TV screen).
    • System shall be capable of multiple reminder calls for the same day.
    • System shall have a snooze function.
    • All registered wake-up requests shall follow the guest in case of room change.
    • System shall be capable of tracking the completion of calls.
    • System shall have 24 hour formats.
    • System shall be capable of diverting to a certain TV/radio channel or a wake-up alert/video predefined in the software with the wakeup message.
  3. Screen Configuration and Messaging Tool
    • System shall enable the management staff to send any kind of information (text, image or sound) onto the TV screen within scenarios at any time.
    • TV screen shall be configured with this tool (background, icons).
  4. Guest Services
    • Welcome Screen with music or voice clips shall be customizable.
    • Customized Welcome Screen & Animated Video Moods 
    • Moods with Continuous Music 
    • The system shall have a language support for English, Unicode support for future languages 
    • Support for context sensitive help
    • Information Services
      • Virtual concierge (City Guide, Landmarks, Maps)
      • Hotel Guide (Dining, Shopping, Retaurants)
      • Housekeeping room status
      • Online scheduling for hotel services & local events 
      • Online room service menu review 
      • Daily Events Display
      • Provides Gaming/Loyalty club point balance 
      • Provides Guest Itinerary 
    • Online Services
      • Provides Local Hotel Weather 
      • Provides Local News 
      • Provides Local Traffic 
      • Provides Hometown Weather 
      • Provides Hometown News
      • Restaurant Reservations 
      • Provides Airline Status 
    • Internet
      • Web Browsing
      • Webmail client support
      • Java websites support
      • Facebook/Twitter/Google Maps access
    • Personal Services
      • Messages
      • Do not Disturb
      • Wake-up
      • Bill Information
  5. TV & Radio Channels
    • System shall be capable of providing the following features:
      • Intuitive user interface
      • Free-to-Air Channels and Encrypted Channels
      • Pay TV
      • Broadcasting hotel video - Barker/Marketing channel  for various promotions
      • The system shall be able to deliver live TV channels and radio channels
      • Radio stations in TV channel list
      • IPTV channels tuning
      • Dynamically re-ordering channel lineups 
      • Customization of channel lineups for each guest 
      • Interactive TV Listing 
      • Send Messages to the guest on the TV 
      • Send Promotions to the guest on the TV 
      • Send Welcome greetings to the guest on the TV 
      • Send Appointment reminders to the guest on the TV 
      • Send messages to the guest on the TV 
      • IPT integration - guest can listen to voicemails on TV  (optional)
      • Digital Signage system integrability (optional – with Unisign)
  6. External system integrations
    • System shall be capable of providing the following features:
      • Intuitive user interface
      • Integration with HTS/DVD 
      • Support for iPod without on-screen control 
      • Support for lights/temperature controls via Room Management/BMS system
      • Support to send Housekeeping requests via Hotel Systems/PMS
      • Support for integration with tablets (iPad & Android)
  7. Movies on Demand
    • System shall be capable of providing the following features:
      • Full VOD Play - play, pause, FF, rew, stop 
      • Bookmarking and multi-hour viewing window features 
      • Parental Controls by MPAA/International rating 
      • Movie Trailers 
      • Movie Packages 
      • Movie Titles & Pictures
      • Optional Previews
      • Movie watching confirmation
      • Ability to create packages like family, weekly etc.
      • The system shall be able to deliver 60 VoD streams concurrently.
  8. Management
    • System shall be have a web-based management tool with configurable access rights.
    • Configuration and structuring of guest services shall be able to be performed via IPTV systems web-based management interface.
    • Support for proactive monitoring in case of failure 
    •  Allow remote reboot and administration from NOC 
    •  TV can still be controlled even if STB fails
    • Provision to send messages, promotions, etc. 
    •  Modify property TV portal content 
    •  View real-time billing reports 
    •  View and/or alter online survey reports & feedback 
    • Check and set room parameters 
    •  Update pricing lists for hotel menu items 
    • Set Custom Channel Lineups 
    •  Central Management tool accessible from the web 
    •  Custom user profiles with unique access privileges 
    • Credit Entry 
    •  View Room check-in Status 
    •  Reset content privileges by Hotel Administrator 
    • Remote Ping by Hotel Administrator 
    •  Remote Reboot by Hotel Administrator
    •  Billing Reporting from central management tool 
    •  Survey Reporting from central management tool 
    •  Occupancy Reporting from central management tool 
    •  Credit Reporting from central management tool 
  9. Required Hardware
    • IPTV Streamers
      • IPTV Streamers shall support demodulating, descrambling, remixing and streaming of DVB compliant MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport streams.
      • Each IPTV Streamer chassis shall provide the following capabilities and capacities:
        • DVB-T, DVB-C DVB-S or DVB-ASI input
        • Descrambling up to 24 PID’s per input depending on the conditional access system
        • Routing output video through IP over 802.3 10/100 BaseT Ethernet.
        • The IPTV Streamer shall have SNMP-compliant management interface and be manageable remotely.
        • The IPTV Streamer shall support IGMP.
        • The IPTV Streamer shall have a version to support Conditional Access Module interface.
    • IPTV Set-Top Box
      • With an Ethernet input and TV video andaudio output only, the Set-Top Boxshall offer an elegant, low cost and powerful means ofdelivering sophisticated interactive digital television including multicast and on-demand-video along with Internet access.
      • Software technology shall be based on open standards.
      • The STB shall comprise a browser to supportgraphics based applications.
      • The minimum STB specifications shall be as follows:
        • Flexible audio and video output:
          • HDMI 1.2 
          • 3.5 mm Mini-Jack (audio) output 
          • RJ-45 (Ethernet Bridge) 
          • USB 2.0 
          • Coax F-Connector (optional)
          • Resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p 30hz
          • PAL or NTSC
          • 4:3 / 16:9 aspect ratios
          • Integrated IR Receiver or IR extender
          • Support for Fully Digital VOD SYSTEM 
          • IP-based  (UDP, RTP, RSTP protocol support)
          • Fully Customizable Interface & Look and Feel 
          • Complete integration with free-to-guest TV 
          • Single easy-to-use color-coded remote control included
          • Optional Wireless Keyboard
          • Dedicated Video Processor 
          • Support HTML 4.0 
          • Unicode/Double Byte Support 
          • Support ECMA-262 (JavaScript 5.5) 
          • MacroVision 
          • Software based Conditional Access 
          • Decryption support - Pro:Idiom®, Verimatrix™
          • Enhanced networking support - requiring L3 routing,  fixed IP/DHCP, 802.1x security
          • Serial (or Serial via USB)  connectivity support
          • SmartPort/MTI/MPI (TTL/RS-232) 
          • IR passthrough support for more than 250 TV sets
        • IR Remote Control (Combines Set-Top and TV command functions. Ability to control TV functions over STB’s remote control)
        • Interface to 10/100BaseT Ethernet
        • MPEG-4 AVC & H.264 HD (up to 20Mb/s HD media)
        • main profile, main level
        • H.264 decoding
        • MPEG-2 main profile, main level
        • MPEG-1
        • AC3 Dolby Down mix, AAC or MP3, MPEG-2 audio or MPEG-1 audio
        • Graphics/Video mixing for OSD support
        • Protocols supported shall be:
          • IGMP Ver.2/Ver.1
          • RTSP, RTP/UDP control
          • Remote Management and Software upgrade via network
          • HTML, JS, CSS, Java, PHP, ASP



Les réseaux sans fil Cisco prennent en charge les applications professionnelles les plus exigeantes, notamment dans les domaines du multimédia et de la collaboration. Ils offrent les avantages suivants :

  • Hautes performances
  • Technologie avancée
  • Intelligence étendue

Les réseaux sans fil Cisco permettent aux entreprises de dépasser les simples initiatives d'accès BYOD pour développer une vraie stratégie de mobilité d'entreprise. Ils fournissent l'élément essentiel de l'accès sans fil pour, entre autres, l'espace de travail mobile, la mobilité connectée et l'accès unifié. Les technologies de réseau sans fil Cisco permettent aux collaborateurs, aux clients et aux communautés mobiles de gagner en efficacité.


Le Cisco Aironet 700 AIR-SAP702I-N offre un point d'accès compact pour ceux cherchant à moderniser leurs réseaux à un coût raisonnable afin de gérer les demandes d'accès sans fil à la complexité croissante. Avec sa technologie double bande MIMO 2x2 802.11n fournissant six fois le débit des réseaux 802.11a/g existants, le Cisco Aironet 700 AIR-SAP702I-N offre l'avantage des performances 802.11n avec un TCO limité en s'intégrant aisément dans vos réseaux préexistants. 




Aujourd'hui, un hotspot WiFi est indispensable pour chaque hôtel et a pour conséquence que les clients restent plus longtemps et aussi reviennent.

Les avantages :

  • Conçu pour le WiFi invité avec un contrôle d'accès
  • Extension de points d'accès administrés de manière centralisée
  • WiFi rapide et robuste 
  • Gestion de la bande passante raffinée
  • Codes d’accès via imprimante à tickets, imprimante locale 



Symantec Backup Exec

Symantec Backup Exec 2014 est une solution de sauvegarde et de restauration flexible et simple à utiliser pour protéger votre infrastructure complète basée aussi bien sur des systèmes virtuels que physiques, voire les deux. Grâce à une technologie moderne, Backup Exec sauvegarde les données locales ou distantes sur des systèmes virtuels ou physiques, tels que des bandes, des disques ou dans le cloud. La restauration est rapide et efficace. En quelques clics, vous pouvez rapidement rechercher et restaurer des fichiers granulaires ou des objets d'applications, des applications, des machines virtuelles et des serveurs directement à partir du système ou du lieu de stockage de la sauvegarde.

Principales fonctionnalités

  • Protection des environnements virtuels et physiques avec une solution unique.
  • La rapidité de création des snapshots de machines virtuelles grâce à l'intégration étroite avec Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) et VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) limite l'impact des performances du CPU, de la mémoire et des E/S sur l'hôte virtuel.
  • Sauvegarde sur disque, bande et dans le cloud.
  • Récupération rapide, efficace et polyvalente permettant de restaurer facilement des machines virtuelles, serveurs, applications, bases de données, fichiers/dossiers ou des objets granulaires en quelques secondes.
  • ‏Récupération complète de systèmes physiques sur des systèmes virtuels (P2V) et de systèmes virtuels sur des systèmes physiques (V2P).
  • Déduplication flexible de données au niveau des blocs au sein de votre environnement virtuel et/ou physique complet.
  • Identifiez et protégez automatiquement les nouvelles machines virtuelles dès qu'elles apparaissent pour être sûr qu'elles soient toutes protégées dès le premier jour.
  • L'interface simple à utiliser avec un tableau de bord intelligent et des assistants intuitifs apporte la visibilité dont vous avez besoin pour assurer le suivi, contrôler et gérer chaque travail de sauvegarde et restauration.
  • Vérification automatique de la capacité de restauration de chaque sauvegarde de machine virtuelle.

Avantages clés

  • Eliminez les solutions de niche qui augmentent le temps de gestion, le nombre de sauvegardes, les données dupliquées, les besoins de stockage et les coûts avec une seule solution unifiée et évolutive qui protège les systèmes virtuels et physiques.
  • Réalisez des sauvegardes fiables et rapides, 100 % plus rapides* qu'avec les premières versions, y compris des sauvegardes de machines virtuelles VMware et Hyper-V et des sauvegardes qui exploitent la technologie de déduplication de Backup Exec.
  • Réduisez considérablement les temps d'arrêt et la perte de données en récupérant rapidement ce dont vous avez besoin à tout instant.
  • Restaurez efficacement les données directement depuis le système de stockage pour une récupération simple et rapide dans des moments cruciaux. Ne perdez plus de temps et d'espace de stockage à monter la sauvegarde, à déterminer ce qui se trouve à l'intérieur et à chercher des données spécifiques.
  • Protégez davantage de données tout en réduisant les fenêtres de sauvegarde, le trafic réseau et l'espace disque requis pour stocker les fichiers de sauvegarde grâce aux technologies de déduplication et d'archivage intégrées.
  • Réduisez l'impact des performances du CPU, de la mémoire, et des E/S sur l'hôte virtuel lors de l'exécution des sauvegardes fiables et cohérentes des machines virtuelles avec applications.
  • Gérez votre environnement de sauvegarde complet à partir d'une console d'administration unique pour gagner du temps, de l'argent et effacer toute complexité.
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